What Is the Mission Statement of Chili's Restaurant?

mission-statement-chili-s-restaurant Credit: Mike Mozart/CC-BY-2.0

Chili's restaurant has the same mission statement as its parent company Brinker International: "We believe in celebrating the differences that make a good company great, and in leveraging individual strengths to create an innovative inclusive and unified team." Within the company, they call this statement their philosophy.

The idea for Chili's first came after its founder, Larry Lavine, went to a chili cook-off in 1967 in Terlingua, Texas. The first Chili's restaurant opened in 1975 in Dallas, Texas and was known for its chili and burgers. It later ventured into fajitas and its famous baby back ribs. As of 2014, there are over 200 international Chili's restaurants.