What Is the Minimum Wage in Missouri As of 2014?

What Is the Minimum Wage in Missouri As of 2014?

As of December, 2014, the minimum wage for the state of Missouri was $7.50 per hour. In 2015, that rate will go up to $7.65 per hour.

Employers in retail or service businesses may not pay the minimum state wage. If a business makes less than $500,000 per year, the minimum wage is waived for that business. Those businesses can pay their employees as much or as little as they want.

Since 2012, the state of Missouri has consistently raised its minimum wage from $7.25 in 2012 to a projected $7.65 in 2015.

Employees who receive tips as part of their earnings do not fall under the same minimum wage as other hourly employees. All tipped employees must be paid half of the state minimum wage. As of 2015, a tipped employee must make at least $3.825 cents per hour. Any employer who fails to pay this amount must make up the difference between tips and pay, so that the employee earns the required $7.65 per hour. Again, employers not making $500,000 per year can pay their employees whatever they want.

By comparison, in 2014, the minimum wage in Texas was $7.25 per hour. In Washington, the minimum wage was $9.32 per hour and in California, the state minimum wage was $9.00 per hour.