What Is the Minimum Wage for Employment in the United States?


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The federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour. This rate went into effect in July 2009 and remains the minimum wage as of 2015, though some cities and states have higher minimum wages.

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The Fair Labor Standards Act sets a minimum wage for the nation, but cities, counties and states can pay a higher wage. Washington state has a minimum wage of $9.47, while Seattle's minimum wage is higher at $11.00 an hour. Areas with a higher cost of living often mandate a higher minimum wage. In Vermont, the state minimum wage is $9.15 an hour, while in New York, the minimum wage is $8.75.

Certain areas of California have the highest minimum wage rates. The minimum rate is $14.44 an hour in Emeryville for companies with more than 55 employees, and Oakland requires a minimum wage of $12.25.

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