What Is the Minimum Equipment Required to Start a Bakery?

Basic minimum equipment needed for a new bakery business includes a commercial oven, various mixers, proofing cabinet or oven, bakers table and refrigerator. A bakery display case is required for displaying baked goods to customers. Equipment that makes commercial baking easier includes dough dividers, dough sheeters and bread slicers. Utility carts are useful for transporting baked goods from one place to another.

Deciding which type of commercial oven to use for a bakery business requires some research. Options include convection oven, rack oven and stone deck oven. Convection ovens use hot air circulation to create an even baking environment for small quantities of cakes and breads. Bakeries that plan to bake large quantities of bread and cookies might opt for a rack oven. These ovens contain a number of baking racks capable of baking numerous sheets of baked goods at the same time.

Stone deck ovens are ideal for artisan bakers who enjoy using traditional baking techniques. Stone slabs help bakers create bread that comes out soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Bakeries should have at least one proofing cabinet, which is a cabinet that allows dough to rise in a temperature-controlled environment. Bakeries usually have one or more commercial mixers on hand such as a dough mixer and cake mixer.