What Is the Minimum Age to Retire?


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A person who plans to collect Social Security in retirement can retire at any point between age 62 and his full retirement age, states the Social Security Administration. As of 2015, full retirement age under SSA rules ranges from 65 to 67, depending on the year of the recipient’s birth.

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The full retirement age for people born in 1937 or before is 65, according to the SSA. If a person in this age bracket retires at age 62 and begins receiving Social Security retirement benefits, the benefit amount is less than if he waited until full retirement age. For example, a person normally slated to receive $1,000 monthly as a Social Security retirement benefit only receives $800, reducing the payment by 20 percent.

The Social Security Administration publishes a chart with full retirement age requirements based on birth year on its website, SSA.gov.

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