What Are the Best Mini Bulls for Sale?


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Mini Jersey, mini Angus, mini Texas Longhorn, Mini Highland and Dexter are miniature cattle breeds that frequently appear on lists of the best mini cattle for sale. Respectable and ethical breeders can be located through the International Miniature Cattle Breeder's Society and Registry.

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As with most mini cattle breeds, Dexters are well-suited to small farms and homesteads. Dexters, which are originally from Ireland, tend to consume less than other mini breeds and adapt easily in areas prone to drought.

Mini Angus, or Lowline Angus, are an adaptation of regular Angus cattle, having been bred smaller over time. The same is true of the mini Texas Longhorn, which reaches 1/3 the size of a regular Longhorn when fully grown. The mini Highland, also called the mini Scottish Highland, is apparently about the same size as the original Scottish Highland cattle. With its stockiness and shaggy coat, it thrives in mountainous regions and colder climates.

Like their larger counterparts, mini Jerseys are originally from the Jersey Islands and Great Britain. Fully grown mini Jersey bulls are typically 42 inches or less in height at the shoulder and devoid of horns. Bulls and semen are available, as are steers meant for providing meat.

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