How Do You Mine Bitcoins?


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To mine Bitcoins, open a Bitcoin wallet, join a pool, create a worker, download mining software and substitute your personal information in the script. Getting set up is fairly easy, but it can take a day or more. After setting up, mining requires no effort.

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  1. Obtain a Bitcoin wallet

    A Bitcoin wallet allows you to store your Bitcoins safely offline or online. Offline is a safer option, and most Bitcoin users prefer Coinbase.com. After downloading the wallet client, make note of your address.

  2. Find and join a pool

    A pool allows you to collaborate with other miners. Because Bitcoin blocks are rare, mining on your own is often a waste of time. Slush's Pool is a known and trusted Bitcoin pool. Sign up, create at least one worker, and give it a password. Provide the pool with your wallet's address so you can receive payment.

  3. Download a miner

    If you use Windows, download GUIminer. Linux users can use CGMiner, and OSX users can use DiabloMiner.

  4. Substitute your information in the script

    When you open the miner, you should see a script that usually starts with the word "stratum." Substitute your worker's username and password where it says WORKERNAME and WORKERPASSWORD. Run the miner to start mining Bitcoins.

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