Which Millionaires Donated the Most to Charity in 2015?

Which Millionaires Donated the Most to Charity in 2015?

As of November 2015, statistics for the year's donations are not yet complete. Considering money actually donated to charity, not merely pledged, Warren Buffett tops the list for 2014. Having given $2.8 billion to the Gates Foundation, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway plans to eventually donate 99 percent of his wealth to charity. Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros, Chuck Feeney, and James and Marilyn Simons are also on the list.

In an effort to eradicate polio, malaria and HIV/AIDS, Bill and Melinda Gates donated $1.3 billion to charity in 2014, and a total of $31.5 billion throughout time, accounting for 41 percent of their net worth. At age 60, Bill Gates is Forbes' sixth most powerful person for 2015.

To improve human rights, specifically for the protection of people with disabilities, women and migrants, George Soros donated $277 million. An additional $40 million went to ensure media freedom. Married with five children at age 85, he became wealthy after shorting the British pound.

Having given away nearly all of his wealth to academic and research facilities, as well as to efforts to abolish the death penalty, improve racial equality, and advance care for senior citizens, Chuck Feeney donated $434 million in 2014.

James and Marilyn Simons gave $331 million for science and math education, and a total of $330 million toward autism research. In 2010, James retired from his hedge fund firm Renaissance Technologies, yet continues to be involved in the company.