What Is Microsoft's Company History?

What Is Microsoft's Company History?

Paul Allen and Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft as a small partnership on April 4, 1975, and Bill Gates became the CEO. They registered the name "Microsoft" with the secretary of state of New Mexico on November 26, 1976.

One aspect of Gates and Allen's company ideals was to provide personal computers for individuals. After the company started, it became incorporated in 1981, and Gates became the company President and the Chairman of the Board, while Allen became Executive Vice President. By this time, the two had already begun to spread the company's footprint internationally in places such as Japan.

In 1980, Microsoft put out Xenix, a version of Unix, which became the company's first publicly released operating system product. Multi-Tool Word, Microsoft's first word processor, emerged from Xenix, and Multi-Tool Word later became the basis for Microsoft Word.

The Microsoft Disk Operating System came out in 1981. This revolutionary system was designed to help bridge the gap between computer hardware and programs such as word processors. Microsoft Windows debuted in 1983. Windows 95 came out in 1995, and subsequent versions included Vista and XP. As of 2016, Windows 10 is one of the company's latest systems.

The first Microsoft Office program came out in 1989, and included a word processor, spreadsheet, mail program and business presentation software. In 2001, Microsoft moved into the video game field with the premiere of its Xbox.