What Are Some of the Best Methods to Resolve Conflict?


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Some of the best methods to resolve conflict include pausing and calming down, zooming out to gain perceptive, being mindful of nonverbal communication, reflecting empathy and using assertive communication. These conflict-resolution techniques are effective with romantic partners, friends, family, coworkers and even strangers.

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One of the best methods of resolving conflict with another person is to step back from the heated situation, pause, and try to become grounded and calm. This can involve deep breathing and relieving physical discomfort.

Zooming out to gain perspective refers to attempting to see the situation from a neutral, outside perspective, which can give people in conflict new insight and help them reach a solution.

Being aware of nonverbal communication during conflict resolution helps ensure facial expressions and gestures are conveying the correct message to others.

When a person reflects empathy during a disagreement, this can prevent escalation because it demonstrates the ability to see situations from the perspectives of others and how it can impact them emotionally and mentally.

Assertive communication is important in conflict resolution because it allows people to set boundaries when necessary as well as be open to negotiations and compromises that can resolve the conflict. Assertive communication involves expressing feelings, opinions and needs in the clearest, calmest, most direct way possible.

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