What Are Some Methods to Increase Sales?


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Businesses can increase sales by giving salespersons more flexibility and control in making decisions and by optimizing their online stores, notes Inc.magazine. A duel approach to online and in-person sales helps companies make the most from any potential point of contact.

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Sales is not just placing the product out there and hoping it gets purchased. It is also about catching the customer's interest, showing customers how valuable or helpful a product is and making the process as streamlined as possible. To that end, businesses can implement a few simple changes. Identify which members of the team are making the most sales and make them into team leaders. They can help other salespersons perfect their skills and offer advice.

Give salespeople more freedom with pricing and terms. Some businesses have products that customers want to negotiate over, such as cars or boats. Customers don't like being made to wait while the salesperson checks with a manager about lowering the price or offering perks. Make a fast sale by giving employees a little room to negotiate without prior approval.

Limit the number of products customers are exposed to on the first page of a website. As noted in Entrepreneur magazine, sales are higher when websites sell just one or two products on a page with more informational copy. This helps get the customer interested and gives them all the helpful information about that product at once.

Consider adding an email subscription link for sales ads and other promotions in a prominent spot on the homepage and on every page of the website. This allows businesses to keep in touch with customers that may not buy today, but might in the future.

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