What Are Some Methods for Counting Money?


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Some techniques for counting money include manually counting paper bills or coins and using money counting machines. Business Insider features several videos that demonstrate how some people in various parts of the world count money, notes BusinessInsider.com.

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What Are Some Methods for Counting Money?
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One video clip shows a Chinese woman quickly moving through a heap of Chinese Yuan by folding the pile in half and using several fingers on one hand to flick down the bills in alternating directions. Another video illustrates a Korean person bending back several Canadian paper bills and then placing the thumb on the corner before leafing through the cash one by one. Another money counting technique, which is said to be prevalent in several Middle Eastern nations, involves using one hand to carry the bills lengthwise and then counting the money with the use of the other hand's index finger, according to BusinessInsider.com.

Instead of manually counting money, which can be subject to human error, some people and businesses prefer the use of automated money counters. This method not only increases accuracy but also provides enhanced productivity, notes CumminsAllison.com. Some products offered by this company include the JetScan iFX i100, JetScan One-Pocket, JetScan Two-Pocket and JetScan 150.

The JetScan iFX i100 processes money at a rate of 1,600 bills per minute. This machine is also equipped with a counterfeit detection feature and is ideal for use in law enforcement agencies.

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