How Do You Find a Meritain Health Provider?

To locate a Meritain Health provider, visit, hover over the Tools and Resources tab, and select Provider Network Finder in the drop-down menu that appears, as of 2015. Use the search bar to locate a specific network, or search for the network name among the alphabetized list, as the official website instructs. After clicking on a network name, such as Community Health Alliance or Mississippi Physicians Care Network, the website to locate participating providers within that plan loads.

The provider and facility search for those with Community Health Alliance features drop-down menus to select physician or facility specialty, county, ZIP code, and the first letter of the doctor's last name or of the facility name, as the network's website explains. Each list provides a No Preference option. Once you have selected your preferences, a list of providers or facilities that meet the specified criteria appears on the screen.

Patients covered under the Mississippi Physicians Care Network first select whether they wish to search by location, provider, hospital or another provider type, explains the network website. A page then loads where they can specify search criteria such as ZIP code, city, state, physician specialty, or a specific doctor's first or last name.

Some other Meritain Health networks from which to choose include Ohio Health Choice, OneNet PPO, Providence Preferred and Parkview Signature Care, among numerous others, notes the Meritain Health website. The online process for finding an in-network provider varies for each network.