What Does the Meridian Health Plan Cover?

The Meridian Health Plan of Michigan covers several health services, such as allergy testing, cardiac stress tests, mammograms, obstetrical observations and ultrasounds, according to Meridian. Other services include audiology services and testing, barium enemas, cardiographs, electrocardiography and gastroenterology diagnostics.

The Meridian Health Plan provides outpatient surgeries requiring no prior approval, such as brain surgery, cardiac procedures, chemotherapy, cleft lip repair and hernia repair, states Meridian. The surgeries only require prior approval when they are performed at out-of-network facilities. Skin grafts, orbital procedures, orthopedic replacement, pulmonary or vascular procedures, and lymph node surgeries are other outpatient surgeries covered by the plan.

Care services that require doctor's notification include outpatient radiation therapy, specialist office visits, dialysis, maternity delivery and outpatient mental health care after the first three visits, notes Meridian. Procedures such as bariatric surgery, genetic testing, home health care, infusions, and cardiac and pulmonary rehab require prior approval before admission. The Meridian Health Plan also covers dental services in partnership with the State of Michigan's Medicaid program.

Routine eye care and vision services are covered by the Meridian Health Plan, according to Meridian. Members under 21 years old are covered for a pair of glasses every 12 months and an annual eye exam. Plan holders older than 21 can receive a pair of glasses and an eye exam every two years.