What Is a Merchandising Manager?

Merchandising managers, also known as purchasing managers, are tasked with buying finished goods for the intention of reselling them to consumers. Managers who work for large companies might specialize in a specific type of merchandise, such as children's clothing, men's shoes or women's clothing.

Merchandising managers also negotiate contracts, make sure the goods they buy are high quality and make evaluations on the delivery time, price and quality of goods. Managers also attend trade shows, conventions and meetings in order to remain up-to-date on industry innovations and trends. A manager might also be expected to keep detailed notes of the goods purchased, product inventory and prices.

To become a merchandising manager, an individual needs a high school diploma or its equivalent, but there is a chance that a bachelor's degree and an educational background in accounting and business may be required for a larger store. A manager also often receives on-the-job training where he learns negotiation techniques and how to process inventory.

A merchandising manager who wishes to become a certified purchasing manager and earn the Certified Professional in Supply Management designation can do so with a bachelor's degree and three years of professional experience. Alternatively, certification is also available to an individual who has five years of supply management experience and has finished three CPSM exams.