What Are Some Merchandising Companies That Are Good to Work For?

The best merchandising or retail companies to work for include Johnson & Johnson, eBay, Kimberly-Clarke, Procter & Gamble and The Clorox Company, notes Business Insider. Other good companies according to various factors are General Mills, Avery Dennison, the J.M. Smucker Company Nike and U.S. Foods.

These ratings are based on a group of variables that include employee job satisfaction, low job stress, high job meaning, ability to telecommute and a range of financial factors. The responses were weighted according to several factors to create a rating. The highest-rated companies therefore did not necessarily rank the highest in all values. For example, although eBay had by far the highest experienced median pay on the list at $118,000, it ranked second on the list overall behind Johnson & Johnson, which had an experienced median pay of $104,000.

This measure was calculated as the median pay of employees with at least five years of experience, though other financial measures were also considered in the ratings. Total cash compensation considered all types of earnings, including base salary or hourly wages, bonuses, commissions and overtime. Salary delta measured the typical pay of employees in comparison with market prices for such employees in other companies. The companies that rounded the top 15 list of best retail companies to work for include Colgate Palmolive Co., Amazon, The Hershey Company, Honeywell International and Land O'Lakes.