What Does a Merchandiser Do?


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A merchandiser typically works in a retail environment and is responsible for working with the company's buyer to ensure that merchandise is targeted at and placed into the right markets. A merchandiser has good timing and buying sense, and does well at predicting trends.

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As an example, a merchandiser may work for a large retail chain. Although the company's buyer is responsible for selecting and purchasing the merchandise from outside vendors, the merchandiser is responsible for ensuring that the merchandise appears at the proper time in the best locations. For example, selling a lawn tractor in an urban area in the middle of winter is likely not good for sales. A merchandiser ensures that the lawn tractor is sold in a rural or somewhat rural area, in the spring or summer.

Merchandisers may also work closely with graphic designers for advertising and with display designers so that merchandise is showcased appropriately. Often, a merchandiser needs a fair amount of financial knowledge as well. A person with this occupation should be able to predict corporate profits and sales based on past, present and future trends. A merchandiser should also have a fair amount of computer proficiency, as he may be responsible for maintaining libraries of items or complex databases.

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