How Do You Find a Mentor?


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To find a mentor, you should first consider the type of support you need from a mentor. Contact government agencies, organizational groups, networking associations or friends and family members to find a suitable mentor.

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  1. Determine your mentoring needs

    Determine what you need from a mentor; this could be anything from emotional support to business advice. Understanding your needs may help you find a suitable mentor in less time.

  2. Find potential mentors

    Contact industry groups, business organizations, government agencies or personal and work associates to get recommendations. Contact local business organizations that pair new entrepreneurs and career professionals with mentors, or join local industry associations that regularly hold networking events. Set up meetings with potential mentors to explain your needs and to determine if one of these mentors is available on a regular basis.

  3. Establish a mentoring relationship

    Schedule to meet with your mentor on a regular basis to discuss your business or career goals, strategies and ideas. Remain flexible with your time to accommodate your mentor's schedule. Take notes, share ideas and stories, listen, and discuss your progress during these meetings.

  4. Evaluate your mentoring relationship

    Periodically evaluate the advice and knowledge you gain from your mentor to ensure you're still learning and evolving in your business or career. Over time, you may switch to a new mentor to help you advance further.

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