How Does Menards' Rebate Program Work?

As of July 2015, customers participate in Menards' rebate program by going to the Rebates Center page on the company's website. They access this from Menard's home page by clicking on the Rebates Center tab.

At the Rebates Center, customers can enter up to eight rebate numbers at a time. Next, individuals click on a button to accept the company's terms as well as to view and print the rebates. As individuals view the rebates, they are able to key in address information online.

After completing the forms, customers print out the rebates and mail them to the specified addresses. Once Rebates International has received and started processing the forms, people can check the status of their rebates online by inputting their names and addresses or rebate receipt numbers. Rebates typically take six to eight weeks.

Menard's Rebates Center page has a link to browse all current rebates in a pop-up window. This allows site visitors to select rebates and add them to their lists. From a Help Topics link, customers can go to a video that explains how to use the rebate process to save money.

For further information, Rebates International has a FAQ page. Topics include the submission process, lost receipts, expiration dates and UPCs.