What Is a Memo Letterhead?


Unlike formal letters, which are seen by prospective clients, memos are passed internally within a company, which negates the need for a formal letterhead. The memorandum is generally formatted to include the sender of the memo, a list of recipients, the topic and the date. A memo letterhead does not include the official logo of the company or address, phone number, email or other contact information that employees already know.

The heading or letterhead may vary by department or by the type of memo that is being issued. For example, financial memos may appear more formal than a memo announcing a company picnic. The information included within the heading may change as well, according to the needs of the department.

Although it is not necessary, some companies print memos on official company stationery. This is especially true if the company has several branches or divisions; the formal letterhead helps distinguish which division issued the correspondence.

Most word processing software includes templates that are designed to format internal letters. There are also several templates available online. Some companies develop their own templates and make it mandatory for their employees to use the provided template whenever they are sending memos within the company.