What Are Melamine Boards?


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Melamine boards are manufactured from paper combined with a resin and polymer material. The resin and polymer material is made by combining melamine, an organic material, and formaldehyde. The surface of the board is scratch, wear, heat and discoloration resistant. Melamine boards can be finished to look like authentic wood.

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Melamine boards are frequently used as a veneer for furniture or cabinets made from particle board. Particle board is often considered unattractive, even if painted or stained. Melamine boards are cut to the proper shape and glued to the particle board to improve its appearance. The furniture initially is white or cream colored but can easily be painted or stained.

Whiteboards are often made of melamine boards. Because it is stain resistant, the board can be written on and erased easily if the appropriate "dry erase" markers are used. The fact that melamine boards can be produced in many shapes also makes it an appropriate product for whiteboards.

Melamine boards are also used as a floor or wall tile. The material is stain resistant and easy to clean. It is less expensive than the more typical stone or porcelain tiles. The board is cut into the appropriate shape and glued to the floor or wall. Grout is applied, similar to other tiles.

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