What Is the Melaleuca Wellness Company?

What Is the Melaleuca Wellness Company?

Melaleuca, which refers to itself as a wellness company, is a direct marketing company with independent representatives selling a line of products that includes vitamins and supplements, non-toxic cleaning and laundry products, and hair and skin care products. The company also offers phone, credit card and travel services.

Melaleuca health and wellness product lines help people lose weight and increase nutrition and health. The cleaning-product lines are highly concentrated and do not use harsh chemicals. Other product lines include dental care, facial care, hair care, pet care, bath and body, and home fragrances.

Melaleuca's independent representatives are paid when customers they refer purchase products. The company provides them with a plan to help reduce debt, increase income and manage finances. Independent representatives also have access to sales materials and aids from Melaleuca.

Melaleuca is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating, as of 2015. They back their products with a satisfaction guarantee and reward customers through loyalty programs and discounts.

Melaleuca was started in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in 1985 and has grown into an international company whose sales exceed $1 billion annually. The company operates in 17 countries, including Japan, Australia, China, Germany and the United Kingdom. Frank L. VanderSloot is the company's CEO.