What Are Some MedicareRx Plans for AARP Members?


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As of 2015, AARP offers two Medicare prescription drug plans for members through UnitedHeatlhCare. The AARP MedicareRX Saver Plus is lower in cost but includes an annual deductible amount. The AARP MedicareRX Preferred Plan has no deductible but carries a higher premium, according to AARP.

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Medicare Parts A and B do not cover most medications, reports AARP. For prescription drug coverage, Medicare enrollees must purchase a Part D plan. Medicare does not automatically enroll participants in Part D as the coverage is elective. AARP offers Medicare prescription drug coverage to anyone with Medicare coverage.

Both plans cover most generic prescriptions along with some name brand medications. The insured pays no more than 65 percent of name brand medications or 45 percent of the cost of more expensive name brand medications along with a copay. Filling a prescription at a preferred retail pharmacy offers a lower copay. With maintenance medications, the participant has the option of ordering a 90-day supply of a tier-one drug with no copay, explains AARP. The mail-order plan is not available to participants in outlying territories of the United States.

To select the best plan for insured's needs, a Medicare participant should compare the prescriptions with the plan to ensure they are covered, states AARP. The insured should consider all costs for prescription coverage, including monthly premiums, copays and the annual deductible.

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