Which Medicare Programs Use Highmark As Providers?

Highmark offers insurance plans to help with costs not covered by Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Part C plans are available through Highmark, as well as Part D prescription drug coverage.

Highmark Medigap policies are supplemental insurance plans to assist patients with uncovered costs such as skilled nursing care, long-term hospitalization, hospice care and foreign travel health care coverage. Twelve different levels of Medigap coverage are offered at escalating monthly premiums. Patients must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B to qualify for Medigap policies.

The Highmark Medicare Advantage Plans are Medicare Part C programs that replace coverage under Medicare Parts A and B with private health insurance. The specific offerings of Advantage Plans vary based on the plan chosen and the geographic location. Some Advantage Plans include drug, vision, hearing and dental coverage.

The Highmark prescription drug plan is Medicare Part D coverage to help pay for prescription drug costs disallowed by Medicare Parts A and B. The plan is offered as separate coverage or as part of a Highmark Medicare Advantage Plan.

Highmark Medicare plans are mainly available in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware, as of 2015. Plans may be available in other states as well, and Medicare coverage can change based on demand or due to legal processes.