What Are the Medicare Plan G Benefits?


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Medicare Plan G is a type of Medigap policy, and its benefits cover some of the deductibles, fees, coinsurance and copayments that Medicare Parts A and B do not cover, reports Medicare.gov. It also covers 80 percent of health care costs if the plan owner travels outside of the United States. Medigap Plan G policies are standardized in every state except Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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Medigap Plan G covers the Medicare Part A deductible but not the Medicare Part B deductible, explains Medicare.gov. After patients use up Medicare Part A hospital benefits, Medigap Plan G pays hospital costs and coinsurance for an additional year. Plan G also covers copayments or coinsurance for Medicare Part B as well as Part A hospice and skilled nursing care. If patients need blood, Medigap Plan G pays for up to three pints.

Purchase of a Medigap policy requires prior enrollment in Medicare Parts A and B and requires an additional premium, according to Medicare.gov. After Medicare pays its share of health care costs, the Medigap policy pays the additional costs it covers. Since Medigap policies only cover a single person, spouses must purchase separate plans. After someone enrolls in Medigap Plan G, the insurance company cannot cancel the policy without the owner's consent, even if the person has ongoing health problems.

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