Does Medicare Pay for Wheelchairs?


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Medicare Part B pays for wheelchairs, which are classified as durable medical equipment that a doctor prescribes for a patient to use at home, and all Medicare recipients are eligible, according to Medicare. A patient pays 20 percent of the amount that Medicare approves for the equipment.

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Does Medicare Pay for Wheelchairs?
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The way that Medicare pays for durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs depends on whether the patient rents or purchases the equipment, explains the Medicare website. A patient's doctor or supplier must be enrolled in Medicare for the agency to cover the wheelchair cost. If a supplier does not accept Medicare assignment, the agency does not control the amount that the supplier charges. Additionally, the patient may have to pay both the patient's and Medicare's portions of the bill when the patient receives the wheelchair. Where the Competitive Bidding Program applies, Medicare only pays its portion when contract suppliers provide the equipment.

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