What Does Medicare Part C Cover?


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Medicare Part C covers all medically necessary services offered by Original Medicare and may offer extra services, such as vision coverage, according to Medicare.gov. Medicare Part C is not a separate benefit, but it is part of a policy that allows a person to obtain Medicare through private insurance companies.

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Part C health care plans, also known as Medicare Advantage plans, offer hospital insurance, or Part A, and medical insurance, or Part B, that covers necessary doctor's services, laboratory tests, mental health care and preventative care, reports Medicare.gov. These plans are through private insurance companies and not the government. Most Part C plans also include Part D, or prescription drug coverage. Additional coverage depends on the plan and may include hearing, dental, and health and wellness programs.

Services not considered medically necessary are not covered by Medicare Advantage plans, though a person may appeal the decision, explains Medicare.gov. A written advance coverage decision, received from the plan providers, says whether or not a service is medically necessary.

Part C plans do not offer hospice benefits, states Medicare.gov. A person on a Medicare Advantage plan receives hospice care from Original Medicare, no matter what plan they are on. Part C plans require an additional premium on top of the Plan B premium.

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