What Is Medicare Part B Coverage?


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Unlike Medicare Part A, which covers hospital and skilled nursing services, Part B takes care of the costs of medical equipment and supplies, some preventive services and some other services associated with the member's health issues, notes eHealth Medicare. Part B coverage may be through a private company if combined with Part A coverage, although Medicare is a federal program. Members pay monthly premiums that vary by annual income, filing status and yearly premium changes.

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Those who may receive Medicare Part B coverage are United States citizens and permanent residents who are at least 65 years old, are disabled or have specific medical conditions or receive retirement benefits already, notes eHealth Medicare. Some items that Part B may cover include wheelchairs, mental health care, physical therapy, prescription medications, health screenings, ambulance services and immunizations; however, there has to be medical proof that many of these actually are necessary to help the patient's condition, notes Medicare.gov. Members also benefit from a full health exam when they first enroll.

Those who want to find out if they're eligible for Medicare Part B or if the plan covers certain items can contact their health care professionals or access tools on Medicare's website. There is an initial enrollment period when the person first becomes eligible, and a late penalty can apply when signing up after that period, warns eHealth Medicare.

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