Does Medicare Cover Assisted Living or Nursing Home Care?


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Medicare typically does not cover assisted living or nursing home care, states Medicare.gov. The only time Medicare provides coverage for nursing home care is when an individual requires short-term care in a skilled nursing facility before returning to independent living. In this case, Medicare covers up to 100 days of care.

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Medicaid is actually the government program that can provide coverage for long-term nursing home care or assisted living. However, not all nursing homes or assisted living facilities accept Medicaid. Medicaid is administered on a state level and can pay for the cost of a nursing home for individuals that meet the medical requirements for a higher level of care.

There are some limits as to who can receive coverage through Medicaid. Some patients may have to pay out-of-pocket costs in addition to Medicaid. Others may have to reduce any assets, such as savings, before qualifying. Medicaid does allow the state to put a lien on a recipient's property when the recipient passes away. This is generally done via the estate as a way to recoup the funds that were paid. However, liens cannot be placed on a property if a spouse or dependent is living in the home, or if the patient has a reasonable chance to return to the home after a stay in the nursing home.

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