What Do You Do If Your Medicare Card Is Stolen?

Call Social Security to obtain a replacement card if your Medicare card gets stolen, recommends Huffington Post. Alternatively, visit a local Social Security office, or use the online service on the official Social Security website. Monitor your quarterly Medicare summary notices, and contact the Inspector General's fraud department if you discover any suspicious medical services or supplies.

To acquire a new Medicare card online, log in to your account on the Social Security website, choose Replacement Documents, and click Mail My Replacement Medicare Card. Wait for up to 30 days to receive your new card.

The Senior Medicare Patrol program in your state can help you learn how to identify Medicare fraud if you lose your card, notes Huffington Post. To protect your Medicare card, it's a good idea to avoid carrying it with you at all times. Most health care providers can bill you using your medical information stored in their electronic systems.

However, if you still prefer to keep it in your wallet, use a duplicate copy that fits your wallet by creating a photocopy of the card, suggests Huffington Post. For security purposes, cut or cross out the final four digits of your Medicare card photocopy. You may bring your real Medicare card when visiting a health care provider for the first time, as he may need to make a photocopy of the card.