What Is a Medical Technician?


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Medical technicians, also called medical laboratory technicians, are responsible for performing basic laboratory procedures, like testing specimens and recording results, according to Education Portal. They handle diagnostic and analytical equipment, and they also collect samples from patients. Some medical technicians specialize in a particular field, such as molecular biology.

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Open Universities Australia says that medical technicians support medical professionals in numerous ways. They prepare medications under the supervision of pharmacists, study laboratory reports and samples to diagnose a disease, and record brain, heart and lung activity for reference of medical professionals. They operate medical equipment in professional medical settings, including clinics, private laboratory centers and surgical centers. They also sometimes fill prescriptions in pharmacies.

Medical technicians usually work with guidance from medical laboratory technologists, physicians or pathologists, says Education Portal. They follow safety protocols, including the disposal of toxic waste. Cleveland Clinic states that medical technicians use sophisticated laboratory equipment, automated equipment and computerized analyzers in medical laboratories and hospitals to find bacteria and other microorganisms, match blood for transfusions, examine the chemical components of body fluids and test for drug levels in the blood. Moreover, they count cells and search for abnormal cells in body fluids and blood. They send laboratory findings and results to the supervising physician.

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