What Is a Medical Support Assistant Job?

A medical support assistants ensure the smooth running of a medical facilities. They are in charge of assisting the physicians in medical procedures and have various administrative responsibilities. Medical support assistants are the link between the patients and the physicians.

A medical assistant does not examine or diagnose patients but rather prepares patients to be examined by carrying out simple procedures, such as checking patients' blood pressure. A clinical medical assistant working in a laboratory prepares specimens, disposes of contaminated supplies and sterilizes equipment.

In a physicians office, they should be knowledgeable about the medical procedures performed in the office so they are able to explain the process to the patients. They also provide the patients with the paperwork necessary for their procedures, take care of filing documents properly and entering the correct data into the computer system. Additionally, they are responsible for handling the insurance and billing details with the patients. They are expected to maintain all the necessary office paperwork regarding the patients' health history and the current treatments of each patient.

In an emergency room, medical support assistants are in charge of assessing which patient needs the most urgent attention and treatment and communicating those needs with the medical staff.