What Is a Medical Release Form for Children?


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A medical release form for children allows a parent or guardian to give authorization for treatment of the child if the parent or guardian is not present and cannot be reached, according to LawDepot. For example, if a child falls and is hurt, the child can receive medical treatment immediately.

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A medical release form contains important information such as name and contact information for the parent or guardian, the child's name, any existing medical conditions, and emergency contact information, as noted on the sample form from LawDepot. It should also include a signed statement declaring that in a state of injury or illness, the child can be treated in various listed ways until the guardian is contacted. In cases of non-life-threatening injury or illness, this is very helpful, as a child can receive medical attention, rather than being left uncomfortable and in pain, states About.com.

An example situation given by About.com explains that if a child breaks a bone on a school playground, and a parent cannot be immediately contacted, having a medical consent form signed, notarized and available to the school staff allows the child to immediately receive medical treatment for the injury. Otherwise, the child would be unable to legally receive treatment until the parent or guardian was available to provide consent.

It is important to fill out the medical release form fully and in as much detail as possible. Listing all existing health conditions for a child aids medical professionals in correctly treating issues without complications. Separated or divorced guardians should include all relevant information for the ex-partner if he shares custody of the child, states About.com.

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