What Medical Plans Are Offered by the Health Alliance?


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Health Alliance offers a range of health plans, including individual and family plans, Medicare, and Medicaid. In addition, it offers dental, vision, cost-sharing and short-term plans, according to its website. Medicare is ideal for individuals who are 65 or older, while Medicaid provides insurance for low-income people or families, notes Investopedia. Health Alliance offers both public and private health plans.

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The amount of coverage varies among different individual and family plans. However, all plans offer coverage for doctor, emergency room and hospital visits. Coverage also extends to lab tests, mental health issues, substance abuse, domestic violence screening, contraceptives and prescription drugs, according to Health Alliance.

Health Alliance's dental plans cover exams, cleaning, X-rays, root canals and dentures. The Affordable Care Act includes vision coverage for one eye exam per year, as Health Alliance indicates. The company offers supplemental vision coverage at a low monthly rate, which includes an extra eye exam per year and discounts on glasses, lenses and laser surgery.

Short-term plans cater to people who need coverage for a few months until their next insurance policy begins, per Health Alliance. However, short-term plans do not meet the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act, which can lead to tax penalties.

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