What Does Medical Evacuation Insurance Usually Cover?


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Medical evacuation insurance covers emergency transport to a medical facility that can meet the traveler's serious health needs, according to SquareMouth. Medical evacuation insurance may also cover medical transport back to a traveler's country of citizenship if a doctor recommends it as necessary. In the case of death, medical evacuation insurance may pay to return any remains to the traveler's home.

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When purchasing a policy, a traveler should know that medical evacuation costs can easily exceed $100,000, notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He should look for policies that offer assistance through a 24-hour support center backed by a doctor and policies that guarantee payment to hospitals. A traveler should also ask if the policy offers coverage for potentially dangerous activities.

Before purchasing, a traveler should make sure that his chosen insurance company has excellent support in the area he plans to visit, cautions the CDC. Some insurance companies may have limited resources in remote areas.

When choosing a medical evacuation company, a traveler may wish to choose a policy that allows him to choose the evacuation hospital rather than letting the insurance company choose, suggests International Travel News. In most cases, the medical evacuation company must make the travel arrangements for the company to reimburse the cost. The traveler should also check for any pre-existing health condition exclusions before picking a policy.

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