How Do You Find Medical Assistant Internships?

How Do You Find Medical Assistant Internships?

To find a medical assistant internship, speak with a clinical or training instructor, contact a career placement agency, call ambulatory health services and network with friends and family. An internship can last up to six weeks depending on the training program.

A clinical or training instructor is well-placed to offer advice on the best internship program based on educational requirements and credentials. They also network with local health care providers and can provide a list of clinics, physician offices or hospitals offering internships for medical assistants.

Career placement agencies have a lot of information about health care facilities that offer interning opportunities for medical assistant students. They may also provide information about what to expect as an intern and offer advice on how to get the most out of the internship.

Local ambulatory health services may also offer internship opportunities. Call and inquire about available opportunities, as this may produce results. Interns are usually placed under an on-site medical instructor or medical assistant in these facilities.

Lastly, network with friends and family working in the health care industry or who know people in the industry. Nurses, doctors and physicians in the same social networks may be willing to offer a tailor-made internship program based on qualifications and interests.