What Do Medical Aide Classes Cover?


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Medical aide classes cover geriatric care, nursing, care for physical and cognitive disabilities and medication administration among other topics. Medical aide courses provide education through laboratory work, classroom instruction and observation, according to TX.us. Students learn the basic skills of medical assistance through medical aide certification and can fortify their education by taking advanced courses.

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Medical aide classes require previous nursing experience, according to AACC.edu. Applicants must have either a background as a certified nursing assistant or a geriatric nursing assistant. This background prepares them for advanced, relevant skills learned through the medical aide program. Through medical aide courses, students learn to administer medication to certain segments of the population. Through textbook guidance, classroom instruction and hands-on practice, they learn how to identify, prepare and safely administer drugs to elderly patients and those with physical or cognitive disabilities.

In addition to medication dispensing, students learn about medical laws and state regulations. They receive some information on these subjects through medical aide courses and can further their skills through continuing education courses.

To start medical aide courses, students must be a certified nursing assistant or a geriatric nursing assistant. They must also be able to speak, read and understand English. Prospective aides must be at least 18 years old, hold a high school degree or the equivalent and be free of infectious diseases.

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