How Do You Get Medicaid in Texas?


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Texas residents can apply for benefits at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Web Portal, or by calling or visiting an HHSC office. The Health and Human Services Commission website provides resources to help determine Medicaid eligibility, answers to frequently asked questions and an online application form.

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If applying online, an individual can simply follow the instructions on the Web portal, states HHSC. Applicants are asked preliminary questions to determine possible eligibility. Next, applicants select a number of programs for possible enrollment. Texas offers SNAP food benefits, CHIP, cash help, long-term care, Medicare savings programs, as well as Medicaid.

Applicants are directed to fill out a form describing household members, sources and amounts of income and rent information. When the application is complete, a case worker looks over the file, requests proof of information, as deemed necessary, and determines approval or denial. The submitted application can be reviewed online at the HHSC portal or by calling an HHSC office. Applicants are also notified by mail when a decision concerning benefits is made, states HHSC.

Eligibility requirements fluctuate based on pregnancy, number and age of minors in the household, and disability. As of 2015, Texas does not accept expanded Medicaid for adults, but new methods in eligibility determination has driven positive growth in Medicaid enrollment, as reported by Medicaid.gov.

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