How Do You Find Medicaid Primary Care Doctors?

How Do You Find Medicaid Primary Care Doctors?

Find a primary care doctor by contacting the state's Medicaid agency, visiting the care plan's website or contacting the patient's current doctor and asking if he accepts Medicaid, according to Many states have databases available on their websites that show doctors who accept Medicaid.

Use the following steps to find a doctor who accepts Medicaid.

  1. Visit a state Medicaid agency
  2. Each state has its own Medicaid agency that handles Medicare and Medicaid for state residents. These agencies usually have offices in each county that patients can visit or call to get a list of Medicaid doctors, as stated by Arkansas Medicaid. Some states also have websites set up that patients can visit with an online database of primary care providers to search.

  3. Visit the care plan website
  4. Primary care plan providers are like insurance providers but cover the care of patients as required by the state Medicaid agency. These care plan providers usually have lists of doctors on their websites.

  5. Speak with a preexisting care provider
  6. Ask the patient's current doctor if she accepts Medicaid and, if so, under which care plan. If the doctor does accept it, patients can usually notify their local Medicaid agency office of the name of the doctor they would like to have listed as their primary care provider.