How Do You Get Medicaid Dental Benefits in Florida?

In Florida, people get dental benefits through Medicaid by applying to and being approved for the Medicaid program, notes Once they are found eligible, they can visit dentists who accept Medicaid payments.

Federal law allows states to choose whether to provide dental services to adults but requires every state to provide dental services for children enrolled in Medicaid, reports The dental services must include pain relief, treatment of infections, tooth restoration and dental health maintenance. Additionally, as part of the Early Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Testing program, children must be screened for dental problems and referred to a dentist for treatment of any issues discovered during the screening.

Medicaid Area Offices provide lists of Medicaid dentists that serve a particular area of the state, advises the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. A Medicaid member can visit the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration website's Medicaid Area Offices section and then click on a county to locate the address and phone number of that county's local office.

A Medicaid enrollee in one of the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care plans obtains dental services through that plan, according to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. Each plan covers basic dental care for adults, though the specific benefits differ by plan.