What Is Media Management?

Media management as a job generally combines aspects of the disciplines of management and communications. Media management is frequently taught as a masters-level subject available from many American universities.

Some skill areas involved in media management are marketing, advertising, public relations and publishing. Essentially, a media manager is an ordinary manager with additional skill sets and areas of knowledge in those fields. Media managers know how to ensure that a company's public image is in accordance with its brand and advertising strategy. They also supervise and allot media department budgets and authorize expenditures within their departments. Within the field of advertising, media managers are also well-suited to positions such as account executive, account manager and media buyer. These positions combine specific skill sets with general ones.

Media managers are also well-suited to the emerging field of new media. Increasingly, an organization's public image and relationship with its customers is tied to the way it utilizes new media platforms. Media managers, with their knowledge of mass media and corporate strategy and corresponding skills, are ideal for positions within the field of new media management. Because new media is still an emerging field, titles within it tend to vary from company to company, as do responsibilities.