What Is the Media Industry?

The term "media industry" refers to the collection of businesses and enterprises that use technology to deliver information and entertainment to people. Some examples of sectors within the media industry are television, radio, advertising, video games, newspapers and movies.

Media and entertainment are major parts of the global economy; revenues for combined media businesses in the United States alone were about $546 billion in 2014. In addition to its economic importance, the media industry is so deeply embedded in society that it directly influences many aspects of modern culture. Media messages can influence individuals and entire communities, drive product promotion, create and deliver ideas and news, and give a sense of what is important to society.

The entire concept of celebrities is a side effect of the media industry. The world-wide audiences commanded by media have allowed more people than ever before to attain notoriety. The overwhelming presence of media is a relatively recent phenomenon, leaving many questions about the role that media will play in the future. The extent to which the media industry shapes society and the types of influence that it has are not fully known, but there is no doubt that media is a permanent part of modern culture.