What Is Medi-Share Health Care?


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Medi-Share is a Christian-based health care ministry in which members of the group share medical expenses with each other, according to Christian Care Ministry. Members of the ministry pay an annual fee to contribute to the sharing program, and they also pay set monthly payments, called monthly shares.

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The Christian Care Ministry is a community where members share each other’s daily burdens, states the organization’s website. Medi-Share is considered part of the daily burdens that members share with each other. The Christian Care Ministry claims it has discounted more than $1.1 billion in member’s medical expenses through the Medi-Share program since 1993.

The Medi-share program does not provide medical coverage like traditional insurance, cites Christian Care Ministry. The ministry states that members of the Medi-Share program remain responsible for all medical bills. Members who help other members pay their medical expenses are not insurance companies; therefore, members of Medi-Share have no guarantee that the program pays any or all medical expenses.

Many underinsured or uninsured Americans turned to health care sharing ministries when the Affordable Care Act became law. The Act requires Americans to carry health insurance or face stiff fines, and health care sharing ministries, such as Medi-Share, are exempt from the individual mandate required in the Affordable Care Act, explains CNBC.

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