What Are the Meanings Behind Some Famous Company Logos?

What Are the Meanings Behind Some Famous Company Logos?

The meanings behind some famous company logos include speed and precision for FedEx, comprehensive selection and customer satisfaction for Amazon, maternity and domesticity for Wendy’s and both technology and the Golden Gate Bridge for Cisco. Many famous logos have hidden meanings intended to subconsciously reinforce certain qualities in consumers’ minds.

Shipping company FedEx’s logo is one of the most celebrated in the world of advertising, largely due to its hidden symbol. The blank space between the “E” and the “X” in the logo forms an arrow, emphasizing the company’s goals of speed, precision and movement. FedEx’s logo has won numerous design and advertising awards since its introduction.

Online retail giant Amazon.com features a subtle nod to its comprehensive selection in its logo. The yellow arrow underneath the company name points from the “A” to the “Z,” emphasizing Amazon’s enormous selection of products. The arrow is also shaped like a smile, implying customer satisfaction.

Fast food chain Wendy’s adopts a subtle message of domesticity in its logo. The image of mascot Wendy, based on founder Dave Thomas’ daughter, has a design on her collar that resembles the word “mom.” While barely noticeable to most observers, the image subconsciously links Wendy’s food to notions of home-cooked meals from Mom.

Technology company Cisco references its hometown of San Francisco both in its name and its logo. The blue lines above the company name represent both an electromagnet, emphasizing the company’s technological focus, and the Golden Gate Bridge, highlighting its origin in Silicon Valley.