What Is the Meaning of the Pepsi Logo?


The Pepsico Company, which owns the logo, has not publicly mentioned that its logo has any particular meaning. The Pepsi logo is one of the most recognized in the world with its round shape and red, white and blue colors.

The Pepsi logo has undergone numerous design changes over the decades of its existence. When the cola first came on the scene back in 1893, it was known as Brad's Drink. The drink officially became Pepsi Cola in 1898, which is when the first logo appeared. That first logo had fancy red scroll lettering on a plain white background.

The first time the red, white and blue round logo appeared was in 1906. To create more uniqueness, the scripted red lettering was updated and placed within a curved white box. The red and white stood against a blue background. This logo had a white border around the blue.

In 1940, the new owners of the brand created a new logo to go with their national advertising. The red lettering against a white background was given a modern update. The soda became very popular thanks to a "Nickel Nickel" record that coincided with the company's advertising.

The current Pepsi logo depicts the simple red, white and blue curvy circle along with simple lettering.