What Is the Meaning of Office Management?

meaning-office-management Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Office management entails managing logistics and employees and sometimes involves analyzing income and expenses. Many office managers are also responsible for developing tactics and strategies for the future.

Once a company grows beyond having a handful of employees, managing it becomes more challenging. While some business owners serve as managers, many prefer to hire professional office managers, who allow the owners to focus on other tasks.

Managers often deal with the business' finances. When a company is not large enough to hire a full-time accountant, managers will often tally expenses and revenue and calculate company profitability. They must also handle taxes and pay checks and other costs involved with running a business, and they could even count money and handle other sensitive tasks.

Managers are also in charge of dealing with employees. Hiring decisions are often left to managers, and they must deal with employee compensation. Managers are generally on the front line of handling office disputes, and they help maintain employee morale.

At many companies, managers serve as analysts. Since they are responsible for handling financial information, they can often find areas for potential improvement. Managers seek to find ways to cut costs and improve productivity while keeping company morale high.