What Is Meaning of the Airtel Logo, Especially With Respect to Its Color?

According to Airtel, the color red in its logo represents energy and passion. The company believes that energy and passion have made the company a success. The symbol on the logo is a modern interpretation of the letter A.

Airtel adopted the free form A to represent the relationship without boundaries that the company has with its customers. It is also meant to convey the idea of freedom or not being confined within the space of a closed circle or box. It is meant to be a symbol that invites people into the Airtel family. The full name of the company is Bharti Airtel. It is based in India, but has customers throughout India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Africa. The new logo was designed to celebrate the company passing the 200 million customer mark. The company is also making a push for a global presence and wanted to create a logo that conveyed this to customers all over the world. As well, it wanted to present itself as a youthful company because it believes that society as a whole is experiencing a youth renaissance in which even older people are embracing more youthful ideas and habits. Airtel aspires to marry those youthful tendencies with its services with the hope of increasing profit margins.