What Does It Mean to Meet an Agenda?


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To meet an agenda means to accurately and efficiently conduct a formal business meeting and discuss the subjects in the correct order. An agenda is an ordered sequence of subjects set for review in formal business meetings. The goal of an agenda is to inform participants of the topics and issues discussed in the meeting, familiarize participants with what the organization expects from them, and state the expected outcomes of the meeting.

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A proper agenda outlines the topics for discussion, the presenters for each topic, and the time allotment for each topic. Clearly state the primary focus of the meeting in the agenda, and inform participants of the topics prior to the meeting so that they may adequately prepare. An agenda also serves as a checklist to ensure all topics are covered in a meeting.

To construct a proper agenda, send out emails to potential participants and require an early RSVP. Ask all participants who request an agenda item to notify you early. Summarize all agenda items in an organized table, listing information such as time allotment, presenter and goals of the item. Ensure that all agenda items fit the primary goal and theme of the meeting. Send a reminder email prior to the meeting.

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