Is McGraw Hill a Good Math Textbook for Fourth-Grade Students?


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On Amazon.com, McGraw-Hill's math book for grade four received an average close to four out of five stars as of April, 2015. There are a range of reviews from two to five stars.

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The majority of reviews on Amazon.com are from parents using the book to home school their children. There are several themes that run through the reviews, and many reviewers comment that the layout of the book is helpful, with well sized fonts and an engaging design. Reviewers also repeatedly mention that the book is easy to understand and use, particularly because of the answer key in the back. Some reviewers feel that the book is too easy and recommend looking through the problems to gauge if it is appropriate for the particular student.

One criticism of the book is that it does not have enough practice problems for students. Additionally, one reviewer states that the pages cannot be easily torn out, making the practice problems somewhat less convenient. One final issue to consider is McGraw-Hill's compatibility with Common Core principles. The book is not fully compatible with all Common Core requirements, which can be a positive or a negative issue depending on personal beliefs, but should be taken into consideration.

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