What Is McDonalds SabaNow Training Platform?


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SabaNow is an online learning management system training platform used by McDonald's to train and educate its employees in the company's practices. Also known as AccessMCD, the McDonald's SabaNow e-learning platform allows employees to take classes on a wide variety of subjects, including food preparation, customer service, menu support, and restaurant practices and processes.

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Unlike many other restaurant learning management systems, the McDonald's SabaNow platform is unique in that it allows employees to log on using their Facebook, Microsoft Live or Google account credentials.

In addition to McDonald's, the Saba learning management system platform is used by a variety of other major international companies and organizations, including the Red Cross and all branches of the United States military. This learning management system is also used by numerous other major corporations, including Verizon Wireless, Konica Minolta, Five Guys Burger & Fries and many Fortune 500 companies.

The McDonald's SabaNow learning management platform is mainly used by standard, lower level McDonald's employees. This is because McDonald's management and other higher level employees receive their training in person by attending Hamburger University, which has numerous locations throughout the world. Hamburger University is also unique in that it is accredited by the American Council on Education, meaning employees can receive college credits for the courses they complete through Hamburger University.

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